The Parish Council consists of a Chairman, Vice Chairman and three Councillors.

The Parish Clerk, who for many statutory purposes is what is known as the 'Proper Officer', supports the Parish Council in its duties. The Parish Clerk is usually the main point of contact for both parishioners and for organisations outside the parish.

The full Parish Council usually meets at least six per times per annum and at each of these meetings parishioners and members of the public are given the opportunity to raise any matters with the Council. In May of each year the Parish Council holds the Annual Parish Council Meeting at which the Chairman and Vice Chairman are elected. The Council does not have any sub-committees.

The parish holds an Annual Parish Meeting, usually in May, at which the Council reports on the past year, and at which parishioners may raise any matters of concern or interest to them. In addition, ad hoc Parish Meetings may be held to address specific issues.

Bilsington Parish Council operates on a non-party political basis with each Councillor voting solely according to his conscience. No Councillor receives any payment. The Parish Council has adopted both the National Code of Conduct and the Freedom of Information Act.

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